The monkey pose (side splits) for beginners: 7 recommendations for the safe Hanumanasana mastering

monkey pose for beginners

In the publication there are 7 key recommendations for the safe monkey pose mastering. Wonderful model Poly will demonstrate for us the most common Hanumanasana variations, lead-up exercises and compensatory hatha yoga asanas.

The monkey pose for beginners – 7 Important Tips

Let’s consider the important aspects in the Hanumanasana mastering.

1. Warming-up before the monkey pose practicing.

It is very important before splits performing to prepare your muscles dynamically. That helps to warm up the muscles and ligaments, makes them more flexible, and prevents the tension or strain possibility.

The good variant for that purpose will be:

– the repetition of the warm-up asanas set, such as “Surya Namaskar” sequences in dynamic mode;
– jogging, kicking feet, skipping rope.

If you just start to learn the monkey pose it would be useful to do the lead-up exercises before the deep work in monkey god pose.

For example, the fixation for 30 seconds – 3 minutes in Virabhadrasana (variation),


easy Vamadevasana modification


or Ardha hanumanasana.

ardha hanumanasana

2. The warmed room and microclimate inside.

The room temperature should be at 18-20 °C for making muscles and ligaments more elastic, making them to stretch better and keeping warm after pre-dynamic performance. While stretching in the cold weather it’s better to use air conditioning and to practice in a room with the closed windows.

3. The monkey pose for begiiners and motivation for the side splits mastering.

You need to have a motivation to make regular trainings for a long time. A knowledge about the benefits of splits can be a good motivation.

The monkey pose (Hanumanasana) is an effective asana for working out muscles, connective tissue structures and feet joints, which helps to eliminate the stagnant processes in the pelvis, prevents prostatitis and varicose veins, improves the blood supplying and the pelvic innervation. The monkey pose activates the Muladhara and Swadhisthana Chakras, provides intensively the energy flow to the body.


4. The regularity of the monkey pose mastering.

If you were studying the splits from case to case, don’t expect on a good results. The main secret of the gradual deepening into the splits is the regularity of workouts.

Take a useful habit to do splits 2-3 times a week, but not every day, because muscles and ligaments need to have a rest and to recover for at least 48 hours after a good period of a loading.

5. The duration of stretching.

To observe a good increase of new basic striated muscle contractile units and to make splits deeper day by day it is necessary to keep a certain stretch duration.

The best time of the monkey pose fixation is 3 minutes.

6. The deeper forms monkey pose gradual mastering.

Do not rush to go into deeper Hanumanasanya forms. Keep the gradual principle in the development of new modifications and go ahead only if the previous position becomes comfortable for you.

monkey pose for beginners

monkey pose

monkey pose

monkey pose

monkey god pose

monkey king pose

monkey pose

monkey pose

monkey pose

monkey pose

monkey pose

monkey pose

7. The compensation after the monkey pose.

After doing the monkey pose it is important to do the compensation by activation the antagonist muscles. The retention time of compensatory postures is the same as in the monkey pose fixation.
For that purpose, you can do the following exercises:

– Utkatasana variations;


– Khandzhanasana variations;





– Garudasana variations;


– Gomukhasanya variations.


Your muscles and ligaments need to have a quality rest after the deep stretching. You can perform deep Shavasana or Yoga Nidra.

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