Motivation for training

Motivation for training

There is a surprising fact. We all know about the benefits of yoga and athletics, which expressed in improving and maintaining the health, well-being, vitality and quality of life, but sometimes our motivation for training is close to zero.

Why is such an amazing paradox?

Reasons for the decline of motivation for training

1. Perhaps the main reason why there is the decline of motivation is the disinclination of our mind to leave the comfort zone we are used to, as well as the difficulties faced by everyone who aims to exit from his own limitations and frameworks. It is much easier just following the life and maintaining the habitual stereotypes than doing thorough review and changing habits related to food, schedule, sleep, physical activity, rest, etc.

2. The second reason for the decline of motivation for training is the lack of an immediate effect. The changes of body and mind during the training process take some time and only after that we could see and appreciate them. Many people just don’t reach the point when they could “feel” positive results of their efforts.

3. The next reason for the decline of motivation is if you seriously decided to get qualitative changes, the environment in which you are, in most cases, interferes your growth and development by all means. It is natural for the mind of every person and has a psychological basis, which can’t be detected at first sight.

The fact is when “normal” people from your surroundings can see the real positive changes are happening to you, he realizes he is no different from you and has the same opportunity to be healthy, full of energy and happy.

But at the same time he figures out the difficulties encountering in this way, so this person chooses to make fun of your achievements or even to devalue them. So one of the thousands of protection comes out and that helps to stay in a familiar part of life and comfort.

4. Another reason why there is the decline of motivation for practicing yoga or doing sports it’s not the best food and the schedule of a day.

If you constantly don’t have enough sleep or eat food that clogs up your body, all the powers of your body spend for cleansing and recovering.

motivation for training

5. Another psychological complexity that may cause the decline of motivation is there are the periods of time when your thoughts of worthlessness could take over your mind. At such moments, looking at the person who is at the next stage of development, you could come to mind the following thoughts:
– “Well, he/she has been doing it for a long time (since childhood)”
– “He/she is given a better body by nature ”
– “I hardly could do it”
– and so on…

Don’t listen to these thoughts. Don’t give up. When these thoughts appear just switch to what could please you. For example, buy a new training uniform, beautiful sports shaker, which can be found on or quality sneakers. That will strengthen your motivation and belief in yourself.

motivation for training

Improving motivation for trainings

1. The first step to improve the motivation for training is the realization that we are setting the boundaries of comfort themselves. Don’t be afraid of difficulties and boldly go forward, overcoming the limitations of your mind, exploring new horizons of your body and mind.

2. Find the people who would be an example for you and a source of inspiration. In this role it could act as a real person like your coach, some expert in that matter and so on and the virtual teacher from You Tube or from books.

For example, after seeing a few motivational yoga movies from slavyoga channel on You Tube, you’d get a good dose of inspiration.

3. Evaluate your intermediate success. You can take pictures or shoot yourself at the camera and make another check measurement in few months in order to objectively evaluate your success. This technique is very good help for developing complex skills that require a lot of time and make an effort.

4. An important aspect on the way to increase the motivation for regular training is the study of your environment. Put a goal to lead your life in a state where you will be surrounded by people who contribute to your growth and development. No regrets for breaking the connections that pull you down and steal your lifeforce.

5. Eat properly, have a good rest, interact with nature, and follow the ethical and moral principles and your motivation for training has always been up to the mark. All these things are the foundation of your stable development and evolution.

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