Yogi from Finland by Jani Jaatinen (Gokulacandra) inspires by his practice

A yogi from Finland Jani Jaatinen (Gokulacandra) has started practicing yoga since 2000. His teacher is Janne Kontala. In his practice Jani prefers Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Over the past 16 years he has been practicing yoga every day.

Jani Jaatinen (Gokulacandra) knows many famous international teachers: B.K.S. Iyengar, Baba Dwarka Das, Cle Souren, Yogi Sachi, and Brahmacari Rudradev.

Thanks to the love and knowledge of yoga, his openness and friendliness, Jani Jaatinen constantly has invitations for making master-classes, seminars, intensives of yoga in different places around the world: Croatia, India, France, Australia, Bali, Estonia, Malaysia, China, Singapore and Indonesia.

Jani Jaatinen

In September 2012, Jani and his wife Jaci moved to the island of Borneo in Malaysia. There they opened their yoga-shala – Gokul yogashala, where the master Jani teaches the technical aspects of the practical and philosophical parts of yoga. Jani Jaatinen has two little daughters, and besides yoga, he enthusiastically sings the mantra, paints, makes music and like to swim.

Jani Jaatinen is an example of a person, who faithfully practicing yoga remains being world-opened. He enjoys his life, trains people, inspires them by his achievements in the practice of yoga, and loves his family.

By this movie, Gokulacandra (Jani Jaatinen) masterfully shows the possibilities of the human body as a result of a regular yoga practice. Jani practices yoga 5 hours a day and he believes, no matter, you are at home or on the road, in fact, you can practice yoga in any place and condition.

Shapes of a soul • Gokulacandra (Jani Jaatinen) • Movie

Photo – instagram.com/gokulacandra
Video – Alessandro Sigismondi

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