Yoga with the stars

Masters are not born – you can become one of them. Starting your own way from the first insecure, full of doubts step, retaining the tenacity and love for what you do, you are bound to become a master… master of your life!…

Famous Belarusian yoga master Sergey Chernov (SLAVYOGA) practiced yoga together with Tupac Shakur, Yuri Gagarin, Steve Jobs, Snoop Doog, Marc Chagall, Yuri Yakovlev, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix Nate Dogg, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Cypress Hill, Eminem, Niculin Yuriy, Morgunov Yevgeny, Vitsin Georgiy, Evgeny Leonov, Kazimir Malevich, which looked at the performance of complex yoga asanas from pictures of street graffiti StreetSkills project in Vitebsk (Belarus).

Yoga with the stars

The art has no future, no past, therefore, it’s always current!

Yoga with the stars

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