Ardha Navasana (Half Boat Pose)

Ardha Navasana

Ardha means from Sanskrit “a half”, nava – “a boat”. So, the full name of this asana sounds as a “half boat pose”.

Ardha navasana like Paripurna navasana (full boat pose) has the same beneficial effects: this asana strengthens the abdominal and back muscles, stimulates digestion, activates the Manipura Chakra, it is the good asana for compensation after doing backbends.

Ardha navasana (half boat pose) benefits

However, there are a number of different nuances for ardha navasana:

• In comparison with the Paripurna navasana (full boat pose) , which is the strengthener of the lower abdominal area, by doing different variants of ardha navasana the middle and upper areas of the abdominal develop.

• the Paripurna navasana (full boat pose) mainly affects on the intestinal area, and the main point of force application in the ardha navasana is the area of the liver and the pancreas.

• During practicing the Paripurna navasana (full boat pose) it is necessary to have your back straightened and your neck and head aligned with the spine. While doing the Ardha navasana, on the contrary, it you should try to squeeze the lumbar area to the floor as closely as possible and to round the chest and the cervical spine.

Ardha navasana (half boat pose) steps

Most often, the Half Boat Pose performing comes from the Paripurna navasana pose. But if you do this element not in conjunction with Paripurna navasana pose, you need to sit down on the floor, then:

• stretch the lumbar area and press it to the rag firmly – it will save your lumbar spine from improper stretching and will prevent against pain after doing exercises;

Ardha Navasana

• then stretch your hands forward like in the full boat pose, set the palms facing to each other;

Ardha Navasana

• lift the straightened legs, set the heels approximately on the eye level;

Ardha navasana has also several modifications:

• with toes strained;

Ardha Navasana

• with toes drawning from;

Ardha Navasana

• with the wrist lock on the back of the head;

Ardha Navasana

• with the wrist lock and turnings the body to the sides.

Ardha Navasana

Ardha Navasana

There is a very good modification of Ardha navasana performing, which provides the powerful development of the upper abdominals areas with spinal stretching.

Ardha Navasana

Ardha Navasana

In this position try to join your hands together and to embrace your head and ears by shoulders. Straighten up the spine following your hands and the top of the head.


Ardha navasana (half boat pose) contraindicatons

Contraindications to perform ardha navasana:

• appendicitis and inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity;
• menstruation and pregnancy;
• diarrhea;
• postoperative period after surgery in the abdominal cavity;
• sharp pain in the back and loin;
• hiatal or diaphragm hernia, severe spinal hernia, inguinal hernia;
• severe hypertension.

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