Ardha hanumanasana (half hanumanasana)

ardha hanumanasana

Ardha hanumanasana (half hanumanasana) is the preparatory asana for hanumanasana (the longitudinal splits).


Ardha hanumanasana benefits

The regular practice of ardha hanumanasana will help you to prepare the muscles, the ligaments, the tendons and leg joints for more intensive work for the safely splits practice.

Both Ardha hanumanasana and hanumanasana promote the intense activation of “lower” Chakras: the muladhara and swadhisthana, help in lower limbs varicose, prostatitis, stagnant processes in the pelvic area, in the infringement of the sciatic nerve.


To completely prevent any possibility of ligament injuries you need to perform ardha hanumanasana and hanumanasana only with your muscles warmed-up!

Ardha hanumanasana steps

1. Take a wide step position (variant of virabhadrasana).


2. Bend your back leg and put the knee on the floor. If you feel discomfort, put a blanket or fold the mat under the knee.

ardha hanumanasana

3. Pull back the pelvis, forming an angle of the back leg knee close to 90*. Do not pull the pelvis too far back for falling on the heel – in this position, the natural lever, which helps to intensify the stretching of your front legs, turns off.

4. Put your hands on the floor, straighten your front leg, push the lumbar area forward and pull spine up. Bend your torso to the front leg, keeping your back straight.

ardha hanumanasana

5. Perform gentle the stretching of the back surface of your front leg for 30 seconds – 3 minutes, then quit the asana and repeat ardha hanumanasana in the opposite direction specular.

Ardha hanumanasana modifications:

– a simple variant with propping by hands on propsy;

half hanumanasana

ardha hanumanasana

– with propping on the back foot toe;

ardha hanumanasana

– with propping on the back foot lift;

ardha hanumanasana

– With the your front legs foot pressed to the floor;

ardha hanumanasana

ardha hanumanasana

ardha hanumanasana

– with more intense straighting of the spine and with your hands directing forward.

ardha hanumanasana

ardha hanumanasana

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