Agnistambhasana (Fire Log Pose)


Agnistambhasana benefits

Agnistambhasana – Fire Log Pose – this pose intensifies the fire, is very effective tool for opening and stretching hips, groins, for the activation the pelvic and abdominal cavity organs.

If you do this asana qualitatively and easily, you can be sure that your hip joints are ready for making Padmasana safety.

Thanks to a soothing effect on the mind, sometimes Agnistambhasana could be used as a pose for the Pranayama practice and concentration techniques. By people with injuries of the knees and medical concerns in lower back, Agnistambhasana should be practiced very carefully.

In this case, we recommend a personal consultation with a professional yoga instructor about the need for this asana in the training process.

Getting into Agnistambhasana (fire log pose)

• Sit on the Dandasana pose.


• Bend your left knee at the right angle and bring it in front of you.


• Bend your right knee and put your right heel on your left knee. Try to lay your right knee directly on your left heel.


If you are not yet able to perform Agnistambhasana for the opening the upper leg hip joint you can use your hands for performing some motions up and down

fire log pose

with fixation in its final positions.


Very carefully make sure that there is no pain in the knee joints! If they are, come out of the asana immediately. Making next attempt lighten the impact on the knee upper leg.

Agnistambhasana modifications

• Once mastered the basic variant of Agnistambhasana you can begin to explore deeper modifications:

— with body bending forward and extended arms;


fire log pose

— with resting your wrists on the knee joints and your spine more pronounced traction;


agnistambhasana fire log pose

— with the various hand positions.





In all the above variants of Agnistambhasana try to lay your forelock on the floor and not to lose the contact of your sit bones with the ground.

It is necessary to repeat it with the same duration of fixation on the other side.

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